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Penile Augmentation or Phalloplasty, Penis Enlargement – Plastic Surgery

Penile augmentation, also known as Phalloplasty, is the plastic surgery that aims at increasing the length and/or girth of the penis. This surgery is of great importance because it helps men with small phalluses regain their sense of virility and self-confidence.

Penile insufficiency in men is comparable to small breasts in women; however, it carries more serious consequences, as it is often, but falsely, associated with unsatisfying sexual performance and even infertility. Therefore, men with small phalluses tend to develop a feeling of insecurity, which can have a significant effect on potency and emotional stability with their partner.


Am I a good candidate?

All men wish for a bigger penis. However, the ideal candidates for this surgery are men with “micro penises”, which are less than nine centimeters long in erectile state and which can cause erectile dysfunction as well as urination problems.
Patients who wish to undergo this surgery must be healthy and non-smoking individuals with realistic expectations about what this plastic surgery can or can’t do.

During your consultation, I will take the time to learn about your expectations from this procedure and decide whether or not you are a good candidate for this plastic surgery.


How is it done?

Depending on the patient’s condition and expectations, a penile elongation or girth augmentation or a combination of both can be performed. The surgery is usually done under general anesthesia and varies in time according to the procedures performed.

Penis Elongation:
To elongate the penis skin, the procedure starts with a “V-Y Plasty”. A V-shaped incision is made to release the suspensory ligament that connects the base of the upper side of the penis to the pubic area. This will automatically lengthen the penis by one to two centimeters.
After releasing the ligament, the cut is closed with an inverted Y-shape stitching technique, thus providing additional skin to cover the penis’s new length.

Penis Augmentation:

To increase the girth of the penis, the procedure consists of autologous fat grafting, which is the transfer of fat from one part of the body and its injection into the penis. Two small incisions are made in each groin on the inside of the upper thighs. Using a thin cannula, fat deposits are harvested from the inner thighs, and then, using small syringes, the fat is transferred into the penis through four tiny incisions. Once done with the injections, the penis is massaged in a way to distribute the fat evenly and obtain natural results. No stitches are necessary to close the incisions and no scars will be visible.

In addition to enhancing the penile circumference by two to three centimeters, this procedure will weigh down the penis, hence granting it an additional two to three centimeters in length.


How long is the recovery?

Following the surgery, the penis is swollen and bruised for one to two weeks. You will experience a slight feeling of discomfort in the groin and pubic areas, which will last for a week but can be controlled with medications. The scar may take months to fade but is easily hidden with pubic hair.

You can start walking normally and bathing on the third day after surgery. Stitches will be removed within two weeks. You should avoid strenuous and sexual activities for at least four weeks to not compromise the results.
You will be given instructions on how to care for your surgical site; be sure to ask all the questions concerning what you can expect during your recovery period.

Disclaimer: The info presented on this page is indicative and for generic use only. Each patient’s case is unique and will be studied by Dr. Chadi Murr for full assessment.