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Buttocks Augmentation or “Brazilian Butt” – Plastic Surgery

A Brazilian Butt enhancement, or gluteo-plasty, has become one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures these days. Brazilian girls, considered as the epitome of femininity with their curvy and full derrieres have started an international craze for enhancing the shape of the buttocks. Read More

Am I a good candidate?

Good candidates are women – or even men – who are not satisfied physically and emotionally with the way their derriere looks. Whether they were born with a flat buttock or lost the fullness of their behind as a result of weight loss, aging or pregnancy, the Brazilian Butt enhancement is a great option for them to restore their self-image by giving them a perky derriere and a more sensual silhouette.
Unattractive pants and bikini silhouettes are some of the problems that can be treated with this procedure.

How is it done?

The overall shape of the patient’s rear appearance is evaluated, taking into account the shape of the upper, mid and lower buttocks and then a decision is made on the technique that will be applied accordingly.

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– Enhancement using artificial implants:

For patients with flat buttocks and not enough donor fat in their bodies, artificial implants will be used. I will proceed by making a small incision in the crease between the buttock cheeks. Then, the silicone implants will be carefully placed in the butt tissues to give it a more perky and sensuous look.

How long is the recovery?

After the surgery, it’s is very important to avoid the sitting position for at least one week for an implant-based enhancement and two weeks for a graft-based enhancement. The patient will have to wear a special garment for two weeks to reduce swelling.

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