Dr. Chadi Murr

مرحبا بكم في موقع الدكتور شادي المر


Carla Mallah

The best doctor A very good person, from every point of view And especially very honest and meticulous

Olivia Kassab

Highly recommended ! Dr Chadi is a lovely person and a super great doctor God bless him Olivia

Karem Hadei

I did the gynecomastia surgery by Dr. Chadi Murr. the result where astonishing they where amazing. He did a perfect job.

Arwa Assi

Highly recommended, best of the best! Rare are the doctors that accepts to be annoyed in the midnight and attend ER in a spirit of optimism and help with all sympathy and momentum...grateful for meeting Dr. Chadi

May Gerges

He is one of the most professional doctors I’ve ever met.He is genuinely concerned about his patient’s well being.Always supportive, great listener,takes the time to explain every procedure he’s doing , lovely personality. I would recommend him to everyone . The best doctor I’ve ever had.

Alexandra Bogatyreva

I was lucky to meet such an intelligent and highly processional Dr.Chadi Murr. I came to his office with a big mess in my leg. I had 19 years old implant- Polyacrylamide gel in my leg which was infected. Other doctor cleaned my leg from gel and infection but did not do the job well. MY LEG did not heal for 3 months and I had tissue necrosis. I came to Dr.Chadi crying for help. WITH a beautiful smile and positive attitude he assured me that this is a simple problem to resolve. He removed all the dead tissue and did skin graft because I did not have much healthy tissue left. The skin graft healed perfect and easy. MY LEG came back to normal healthy life. 3 weeks ago Dr.Chadi removed old implant from my other leg and did total reconstruction. MY LEG looks beautiful and healthy I am very happy with the result and I thank him a lot for his wonderful job


I underwent rhinoplasty by Dr. Chadi Murr. He was very knowledgeable and very understanding of what I wanted. He was very kind and professional and explained to me the process in details, and left me feeling reassured and in safe hands. My nose turned out better than any of my expectations. I’m extremely glad I found Dr. Chadi. Highly recommended, one of the best!

Sarah Abou Ghaida

Dr. Chadi has done a great job with my rhinosplasty! Such a professional and friendly doctor and I am more than satisfied with the lovely and natural results!

Randa M

Had an excellent experience with Dr Chadi Murr, the consultation was great, he really took notice of exactly what i wanted. I had tummy tuck, thigh lift and breast augmentation, and happy with all great results. Very intelligent, professional, love his job and do his best to make u beautiful Simply the best! Worth the trust Great work keep it up 🙂

Petina Kassab

Motivation and Positive Attitude are the two most important medicines any doctor can prescribe. Thanks for doing that perfectly. Most of your patients have recommended you as a good doctor. But I am going one step further to recommend you as a great human being . You are are not a business man , you only seek for beauty and natural. God bless you Dr Chadi

Virginie mouradian

I was very satisfied after a reconstruction done by dr Chadi ,one of the best plastic surgeons.also I got very natural lips filling! Big thank you!!

Carole Aboujaoude

Extremely satisfied with the results ... thank you so much!!!!

Sandy karnaby

Excellent doctor. Very professional . Makes you feel comfortable. Very talented. Highlyyyyy recommended !!!!!!

Anna maria saad

He was very well recommended and has an unusually admirable reputation. That is what initially got me there. His manner was kind and sweet yet also had a touch of confidence and conviction. "The Doctor and entire staff are always very friendly and professional! Absolutely love them all!!!!"

Roula Najem

Dr Chadi is a very talented, conscious and compassionate doctor. He gives his patients all the time they need, listens to them and gives unbiased advice. I've been lucky to have him take care of my beauty!