Dr. Chadi Murr

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"اعتقد إن إخلاصي للتشوهات الخلقية يلتقي مع شغفي للجراحة التجميلية، فإنهما يجتمعان لخلق عالم واحد، عالمي أنا، الجراحة التجميلية." د. شادي مرّ

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"اعتقد إن إخلاصي للتشوهات الخلقية يلتقي مع شغفي للجراحة التجميلية، فإنهما يجتمعان لخلق عالم واحد، عالمي أنا، الجراحة التجميلية." د. شادي مرّ

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يعتبر كل مريض فريد وكل حالة هي تحدٍ بحدِ ذاتها. يهدف هذا الموقع لتصوير مختلف العمليات الجراحية التي اجريت على مرضى يعانون من تشوهات او يطمحون إلى التجميل. اما في المقاطع التوضيحية، فنهدف إلى إعطاء لمحة عامة عن النتائج المحرزة مصحوبةً بصور من حالات واقعية حوِّلة إلى رسوم لتتناسب مع مختلف انواع المستخدِمين والقراء.

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Dr. Chadi T. Murr
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Dana Al MahmoudDana Al Mahmoud
05:07 23 Oct 23
If i’m to leave a note, i would stop at the Humanitarian side of Dr. Chadi, the professionalism and the challenging follow up when things get complicated ! Someone who really cares and always confident!
Ji mikhaelJi mikhael
08:04 19 Oct 23
That is the result of a five years old boy ears 's surgery that was supposed to change his life for the better…
Sisi HalabiSisi Halabi
21:49 04 Oct 23
I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Chadi for my recent plastic surgery, and I couldn't be happier with the results!Dr. Chadi is not just a talented surgeon but also an artist. He took the time to listen to my concerns and goals, and together, we created a plan that was tailored to my needs. His attention to detail and commitment to delivering natural-looking results really impressed me.The surgery itself went smoothly, and the recovery process was much easier than I expected.I can't thank Dr. Chadi and his team enough for their exceptional care and support throughout this journey. If you're considering plastic surgery, I wholeheartedly recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Chadi. He is not only a skilled surgeon but also a wonderful person who genuinely cares about his patients. I feel lucky to have found them!Thank you, for making me feel cute and confident in my own skin!
Maya DiarbiMaya Diarbi
16:37 22 Sep 23
Dr. Chadi Murr is highly recommended. He had done my rhinoplasty .He seeks to improve what you have naturally, in a way that never shows that you have had a nose job.
13:46 22 Sep 23
Rhinoplasty surgery was so easy,it took me one week for full recovery. Though it’s been only almost 3 months,yet I’m so happy with the result. Great team, and of course the best Dr. Chadi.
Sawsan halabiSawsan halabi
09:00 06 Sep 23
I underwent two different surgical procedures with Dr Chadi, and each time, I had complete confidence that it was the right choice. This confidence wasn't solely due to the exceptional results, but it extended to every face of the experience – from our open and effective communication to the invaluable advices I received, amazing follow-up care, and ultimately, the outstanding outcomes achieved.Highly recommended to friends and family… and sure more positive experience yet to come 😉
dunia yassinedunia yassine
11:22 28 Aug 23
He’s not just a doctor, he’s an artist.I have never met someone so brilliant and so humble as Dr. Chadi!I would highly recommend him to anyone I care about.I have went a thousand times for follow ups and had non ending questions yet he answered with a smile on his face.He is genuinely the best on all levels.
Rashidah SamaanRashidah Samaan
14:17 23 Jun 23
I travelled from Australia and had three surgeries performed by Dr Chadi Murr. I could not be happier with my experience. Dr Chadi was transparent, informative and available 24/7 from before I left Australia and throughout the entire recovery. His team, Paula and Carole, made me feel so comfortable and I was able to ask questions along the way and after recovery which they always answered. I consulted Dr Chadi every two to three days after my surgeries until I flew home. I was very happy with my results and even more pleased with Dr Chadi’s service and patient care. I would definitely recommend Dr Chadi for anyone travelling from overseas.A very big thank you to Dr Chadi and his whole team for the best experience.

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