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Thigh Lift or Thighplasty, the Surgical Removal of Skin and Fat from the Thighs – Plastic Surgery

A thigh lift, also known as thighplasty, is the surgical removal of excess skin and fat from the thighs, in order to tighten the skin and enhance the contour of the legs. Read More

Am I a good candidate?

Patients who are extremely overweight are not good candidates for this surgery. In that case, liposuction or a gastric bypass is your best alternative.

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How is it done?

The surgery takes two to three hours, depending on the needed corrections and is performed under general anesthesia. Once the patient is properly anesthetized, the appropriate incisions are made and are placed at the junction of the thigh at the level of the bikini line.

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How long is the recovery?

After a surgical thigh lift, most patients experience minimal pain that is significantly reduced through medication and the drainage tubes will be removed few days after the surgery. Sutures will come out within a week to ten days, and the results of the thigh lift procedure are almost immediately noticeable. Any swelling usually disappears within two to three weeks.

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