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Breast Reconstruction following a Breast Cancer – Plastic Surgery

Breast reconstruction is a surgery performed on women who have undergone a mastectomy, which consists of removing breast tissue due to cancer. The aim is to provide the patient with two symmetrical breasts, even in size and shape.

Who should consider breast reconstruction?

Women who have only had lumpectomy, which is the partial removal breast tissue around the cancer removed, may not need reconstruction. Read More

What are the different breast reconstruction options?

There are many techniques that can be performed in breast reconstruction: a newly shaped breast using implant, your own tissue flap, or a combination of both.

1- Reconstruction with implants

The silicone gel-filled implant is the most common one. Silicone gives a more natural-looking breast as its weight and texture are relatively similar to breast tissue. The surgery can be done either in one or two stages. 

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When the skin over the breast area is stretched enough, a second surgery is performed to replace the expander with the permanent implant.

When during mastectomy the nipple and areola are removed, several techniques are available for nipple reconstruction; we can discuss the options according to the patient’s case.  

2- Reconstruction with tissue flaps

Also known as latissimus dorsi flap, this procedure consists of using tissues from the upper back to reconstruct the breast. Tissue flap surgery is also referred to as autologous tissue reconstruction.

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How long is the recovery?

A recovery from an implant-based reconstruction is generally faster than one with flap, but both take two to three weeks of recovery. 

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