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Tuberous Breast Reconstruction – Surgical Procedure

The patient will leave the hospital two or three days following surgery after the drains are removed, and will be able to resume work a week later and sports activities three weeks later.

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For many girls, tuberous breasts (also refereed to as snoopy breasts) can cause significant self-confidence problems, with potentially negative psychological consequences throughout womanhood. Therefore, correction is vital to mend both emotional and physical consequences.

Am I a good candidate?

The tuberous breast surgery is usually performed to correct the difference in breast size, shape, or nipple position.

Candidates who can benefit from this surgery are women who are above 18 years, not pregnant or nursing, and in good physical health.


How is it done?

Each tuberous breast case is a unique challenge. The main aim is not only to correct the balance in shape and size but also to restore the patient’s self-esteem and wellbeing in her daily activities.

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How long is the recovery?

Average recovery time is between one to two weeks. Following the procedure, the patient might experience soreness and feel some pain when moving or lifting the arms. Read More