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Dermoid or Facial Cyst Removal – Surgical Procedure

A dermoid cyst is a pocket-like lump that appears on the skin, usually at birth and develops slowly with age. Cysts usually appear on the face near the eyebrow. Read More

Who is a good candidate?

Surgery is the best option for children who suffer from a disfiguring dermoid cyst on their faces, which might become a major cause of emotional distress. Read More

How is it done?
According to the patient’s condition, the surgery can be done under general or local anesthesia and takes about an hour. An incision is made directly over the cyst. Read More

How long is the recovery?
A compressive bandage is applied over the wound to help reduce swelling. The child can resume a normal lifestyle on the day following the surgery and the stitches will be removed within a week. Read More